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Flowers in the Form of Drinks: Mother’s Day Cocktails

Who needs to give flowers on Mother’s Day when you can give floral cocktails?! Our friends over at Serious Eats agree that botanic-inspired drinks are definitely the way to go this Sunday and hence, have compiled a list of eight blossoming concoctions and recipes. Instead of creating our own cocktails this week, we figured we’d share theirs, such as the lavender- and honey-laced H.K. Rose and the agave-tinged, bubbly punch, Jalisco Flower. We’ve also got all the spirits and wine ingredients handy, ready for you to hit “add to cart.”

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Catch some luck of the Irish tomorrow, as we host our USQ St. Patrick’s Day party from 2 to 5pm. Our pot of liquid gold features tastes of Irish whiskey and Irish cream from Emerald Isle producers including Jameson’s, Redbreast, Midleton’s, Bushmill’s, Tullamore Dew, Concannon, Coole Swan, and Ryan’s Irish. Be sure to don green, though, because you don’t want a nasty pinch from our team of leprechauns.

Admission to this tasting is free, and reservations are not required.

Looking for a cocktail to spice up your St. Paddy’s Day party? Check out our concoction, the Tyrconnell Clementine and a lucky standby, the Nutty Irishman.