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The Rum Diaries: Ron Santa Teresa

Sometimes great rums get overshadowed by classic Scotch and trendy Mezcal. But the lineup at Ron Santa Teresa, a Venezuelan rum company that’s been around for more than 200 years, should have you thinking rum is the new IT spirit. From their perfect-for-bartending Claro (hello, daiquiri!) to the first solera-made rum, the 1796 Ron Antigua de Solera, the brand has established a high standard. Each Friday in April, we’ve poured the Claro, Gran Reserva, and Solera at the Barrel, both neat and in two signature cocktails, the Claro Daiquiri and the S’Lightly Balmy. If you were lucky enough to taste, go to town with these cocktails! If you haven’t, head to USQ this Friday for the last Barrel tasting!

Santa Terea’s Claro was specially designed for shaking and stirring. A blend of 3-year-old rums, the rum boast a pale golden color with fruity, wooden flavors on the palate. It works well in mojitos and, our favorite, the daiquiri. Wonder if Hemingway preferred Santa Teresa?

Claro Daiquiri
2 oz. Santa Teresa Claro
1 oz. fresh lime juice
2 ½ teaspoon brown sugar

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Strain into a glass of your choice. We like it up served up.

As much as we adore the claro for its cocktail properties, we can’t cheat on the Gran Reserva, Santa Teresa’s flagship bottling. Thank the 5-year aging in cask barrels for the amber-tinted gold hue and rich mouthfeel. Every now and then we do crave a Dark & Stormy (who doesn’t?), so this twist, S’Lightly Balmy, might take the place in the drink rotation.

S’Lightly Balmy
1 oz. Santa Teresa Gran Reserva
1 oz. cloudy apple juice
1 oz. ginger beer
splash of lime

Pour the rum over ice in a highball. Add apple juice and beer. Squeeze a splash of lime. Drink.

Check out all the bottlings here.